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October 22, 2011

January 26, 2011

Micahla Ryan, Speech Pathologist
Micahla Ryan, Speech Pathologist

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year! It has been a very wet and soggy start to 2011 in Brisbane, and our thoughts go out to everyone affected by these dreadful floods. On an optimmistic note, we were not affected by the minor flooding in Burpengary (in comparison to other parts of Brisbane) and we are back at work, and starting the new year with excitement.
First fantastic news is that Micahla has started with us as our newest Speech Pathologist. She has already completed her 5energies three day basic training, and is already engaging in assessments and therapy. We welcome her to our team, and hope she has an enjoyable start to her career as a Speech Pathologist.

Change is coming to 5energies!

May 14, 2010

Oooooooohhhhhhhhh! Next week is going to be so exciting. Our big middle room will be transformed on Friday into two therapy rooms, filled with natural light, but giving us more availability for parents and children. We have been hiring new staff, as many of you know, and in July all new staff will be trained in the 5energies way of thinking during some exciting professional development.

Having said all that, getting quotes, working through figures, designing spaces, choosing colours…. it has been an exciting time, but one also filled with a lot of brain cells working overtime! For those of you who come into the consultancy regularly, you would know that Alexandra has been off on sick-leave, as she took a nasty tumble onto very hard tiles a couple of weeks ago. She has done a magnificent job in managing her pain levels AND contributing greatly to the decision making process. We wish her well, and hope that her recovery is a lot faster in weeks to come.  If you have missed her around the consultancy, that is the reason why…

In the meantime, next week will see the building of new spaces and places – we are so very excited and look forward to showing you the new-look 5energies.

Helping Children with Autism

October 31, 2009

After a fairly extensive process, as of Tuesday, 27th October, 5energies is now officially a panel / service provider under the auspices of the Helping Children with Autism Package. This package is run through Autism Australia, with federal funding from the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA). Those of you who read this blog regularly will know that we are a ‘one stop’ shop, one which offers Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Educational Psychology and education services under the one roof. As this package of funding is after an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach for children with autism, it seems we fit the bill!!

So very proudly we announce our new status as Panel provider for services relating to autism, but also advise that we will be continuing our quality services for any child with a learning delay or developmental challenge. It has already been a big week, with those who have heard whispers on the wind getting in fast for appointments, and screenings and program development taking place this week.

It goes without question that if anyone wishes any information on our services to children and their families, please just ring and chat to Julie in the front office.

Website Woes!

October 15, 2009

Oh dear… Sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men actually do unravel and come astray. We were under the impression that our Order form for the newly launched literacy package, and our contact form were in working order – but nope, sorry, not to be. Thank you to the couple of people who contacted us about it, and we ‘think’ it is now OK.

On another note, we are very sad at 5energies to be leaving our favourite web guru Leah, at… Fortunately for Leah she is going to be enjoying a lot more of life over the next few weeks, months and years, and is looking forward to many wonderful ambulatory strolls through her neighbhourhood and elsewhere, but we are so going to miss having her quiet support in the background of our web presence. Leah, thank you for your wonderful ability to translate our murky ideas into reality, and for helping us immensely as a growing business.

On that note, the website will be migrating to a new hosting service over the next week, so if for any reason, you experience difficulties, please return in an hour or so.

Being the best advocate you can be…

October 1, 2009

Man and Child Having FunThrough the week, a young couple came in wtih their son Peter, aged 6. Peter has not long been at school, but already is showing some classic signs of wanting to be anywhere else, rather than at the start of an exciting academic journey!! He fidgeted from the start, eye contact was limited, his speech was delayed and he used limited vocabulary. The teachers at his school suggested that his parents seek some guiddance as to what was happening with young Peter. As Peter is their first child, Leslie and Simon (his parents) were feeling very powerless to assist Peter.

Long story short, the screening showed up some significant developmental delays, and a solid programme with the Occupational Therapist is required to assist Peter. However, the main concern to me was how powerless Leslie and Simon felt.  So, some advice to parents of school-aged children:

  • Remember that you are your child’s best advocate. You have known this little soul the longest, and you know his or her quirks, behaviours and uniqueness. You are the best advocate your child can have – but be reasonable, objective and calm when in meetings about your child.
  • Remember the teachers, schools, general practitioners, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, social workers, psychologists and everyone else you may encounter while looking for some answers, are there to help. They depend on you, however, to offer extensive descriptions, to articulate the problems well, and to explain what you are doing at home to help.
  • Trust your gut instinct! if you think your child is in trouble, seek help, even if you have to seek second, third and fourth opinions. While well-meaning souls might tell you that your child will ‘grow out of ‘ immature behaviours, or maturationally, next year things might improve, trust your instincts. Do you WANT to wait a year to see what might happen? Yes, things might improve – but they might also get a whole lot worse too.
  • Have fun with your child. They are with us for such a short time, and parenthood is not for the  faint of heart. Our children offer us such a unique opportunity to love another little person unequivocably so enjoy the experience, as it won’t come again. :-)

Contact us at 5energies if we can help you in any way.

Excited Parents

September 23, 2009

Boy LearningYou will have to forgive us going on and on about the recent Consult and Collaborate Conference. There was just so much there for parents as well as teachers, and it was good that Speech Pathologists and Guidance officers were also there. We had one very excited parent come rushing up, as she and her son had been wandering down below and saw the conference – and she wanted to see what was there. Very excitedly she had wandered around to all the exhibitors, collecting valuable information for her son and family.

I guess the moral of the story is that if your child has learning delays, keep an eye on conferences for teachers as very often there is valuable information for parents as well. Many of the key speakers have private practices, so there would have been much valuable information for parents as well.

Consult and Collaborate Joint Conference 2009

September 17, 2009

42-15181265What an exciting time we are having!  We are in preparation for the Consult and Collaborate Joint Conference 2009 at the Brisbane Conference Centre on the 18th and 19th September and we are almost leaping and squealing with excitement! It is our honour to be satchel sponsors – but what we are exceptionally excited about is the launch of our In the Garden Literacy Package!

Filled with innovative and exciting resources for teachers, this package is not just the culmination of hard work, but an absolute celebration of the value of dedicated and committed professionals collaborating to create a resource of best practice across so many domains. We will be thanking the wonderful people who have collaborated with us – from Sarah Amies (Author and illustrator), Anne-Maree Garcia (Multi-media guru), Patrick Mitchell (narrator and story-teller),  Tina Kriedemann (The Purple Jam Studio / Brisbane), Angie Sublime (Sublime Music Studio/ Brisbane) and Iris Wesling (St. Eugene Catholic College, Burpengary),  these people have given blood, sweat and tears to make this launch on Friday a spectacular success.

The Literacy Package consists of 7 in the Garden student texts, a Big Book, some visual processing Mystery Sheets, a CD of music suitable for assembly items (and tapping into another sensory learning pathway), a DVD of supported reading modes, and a teacher resource book, jam-packed with black-line masters, strategies and activities suitable for develping higher-order thinking. What can I say? We are justifiably proud of it, and hope many of you are able to join us at the launch.

Hopefully we will also see many of you at the conference – we are just so excited about being there and renewing friendships with those who attended the last conference – and meeting new conference participants.

What an exciting time!

June 2, 2009

What a busy, and exciting time we have been having.

Over the next few days I will be posting some photos of the recording session that Alex and I were involved in on Friday, at good friend Angie’s studio. Tina, another good friend,  (from The Purple Jam Music Studio – link below) was also there – Tina and Angie have written the music and provided the technical support as we develop a package of goodies to go with our ‘in the Garden’ texts which were published last year. This is an exciting time – the package will be launched in mid-September, so keep watching this space! 

The new learning calendar is up as well, with more training going ahead in July, for teachers, teaching assistants and childcare workers. So take a look if you are interested. 

5e will SHINE in 2009!

January 27, 2009


Nothing like a good motto to get the blood stirring, is there?

After some indepth discussions recently about the directions of 5energies for the next year, Alexandra and I have chosen as our motto – ‘5e will SHINE in 2009!!’. A friend of mine speaks often about her selection of a key word for the year, and how her creative energies focus on making that word a reality – so our key word is ’shine’.

We have been working hard for the past three years to make our vision a reality, but to be honest, we have probably only twinkled at times, as getting a business up and running is not for the faint of heart. There has been so little time to share our message broadly, but that will change this year. Yup, we don’t just want to twinkle and provide a faint light to our door for those children with learning challenges – we want to shine! We want to convince the world that our message of early identification and assistance to these children is not only worthwhile in the short and long term, but essential for our future as a country. How marvellous to think that a future Prime Minister might be attending 5energies right now! Or the future CEOs of our leading companies? Or leading academics in areas of expertise we cannot even visualise right now…

So – this year? Yup, we aim to SHINE in 2009!!  If you have a key word, we would be interested in hearing how you plan your 2009.

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