Teachers Work Hard

August 5, 2008

Term 3 has started and during the same shopping trip (see Parents are such clever people), I met up with a teacher friend of mine. Helen is a very enthusiastic teacher with a year 3 / 4 at a busy urban school.

She spent most of the recent term break preparing for this term, getting on top of her programming, planning and resource selection. She also spent a bit of time playing with her furniture: she painted a book shelf, shifted her student desks around, cleaned up her own desk and updated her student records. Helen runs the most amazing programs, ones that are so interactive and hands-on, and as any teacher knows, to run such a program takes a high level of dedication, skill and energy.

This term the school has a major birthday celebration happening, so every class is contributing to both a major assembly / Celebration Performance, but also contributing to the community dinner that will take place after the performance. Busy? Oh heck, yes. Teachers work so hard.

Please feel free to contribute your own examples of the ways your favourite teachers work hard. :-)